Mudita COVID-19 Relief Work

The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken up the entire country and seems to be even more devastating than the first. Latest data shows this second COVID-19 wave is spreading faster than before, with infection rates more than double than at the previous peak. Health facilities are overwhelmed and, this time, huge numbers of young people are also getting infected.

Like before, the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic has pushed millions of people toward the brink of starvation due to lockdown. The threat of a prolonged national lockdown is looming for millions dependent on daily wages and migrant workers. Thousands of migrant workers and daily wagers have been left jobless in the wake of the current situation of lockdown which has affected children and women the most. As a response to this, from April 2020, we at Mudita School have been continuously providing rations and essential goods to the most vulnerable and marginalised people who have lost their work due to Coronavirus lockdown. So far now, Mudita School has been able to reduce the hardship faced over 4,100 people (612 families)

The crisis is a global issue, but the people we work with live in the margins, their health and well-being affects us all. We are trying our best to help them – but we need your help. Please, support us by making a donation below so that we can make sure the most vulnerable families survive in this crisis.