Mudita Happiness Kit Project

Support to distribution nutritious groceries, educational stationery and hygiene products to the most vulnerable children who are deprived of education, and good health due to COVID-19 outbreak. The Mudita Happiness Kit Includes educational materials, hygiene products, dry rations, snacks, Bourn Vita, and Banana to needy children to keep them healthy and in touch with education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If it were not for the COVID-19 pandemic by now children would have been back to school. And, we at mudita would have been conducting classes for our beneficiary. Indeed, we all are eagerly waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to cease, but it won’t and getting bad to worse now. As schools close in India and classes move online. More than 320 million children from the most marginalised communities are not able to access online education and distance learning opportunities due to inadequate to buy learning resources. They are deprived of education and suffering from hunger. On World Food Day, we at mudita initiated an activity called Mudita Happiness Kit to address these unprecedented challenges faced by children who are living in a remote village in the Amravati district. Over the next one year, our focus on this work with the following objectives to address the immediate and long-term implications of the pandemic on children’s education and health.

  1. Ensure children from marginalised communities receive nutritious meals amid the prevailing crisis. 
  2. Boost immunity and health of children during COVID-19 pandemic. 
  3. Engage children in activities to support their continuous learning amid the lockdown.

Currently, we are distributing Happiness Kits to entire Amravati district. We aim to reach children in other district soon. And your support towards this initiative is of utmost significance. With a contribution of Rs. 875 towards a one Happiness Kit, you can nourish and nurture a child during the prevailing pandemic.