Message From Founder

A school plays a central role in nurturing and developing every child’s unique talent, and enabling him or her to blossom through the joys of learning. Unfortunately, millions of children in rural India deprived of an education because of poverty and caste discrimination. They do not benefit from quality education and equal opportunity, as most of us take it for granted. Millions of children ages 3 to 10 do not have access to Early Childhood Education to Pre-Primary Education. One-quarter of them are chronically malnourished, with more than half children from disadvantaged and impoverished families drop out of school before finishing primary school due to unfair treatment. I was fortunate to have much support and get the quality education as a young child in my life and now it is my life mission to provide quality education and nurturing environment to these children to achieve their full potential, grown-up to fulfill their dreams and develop into a productive and caring citizen of the world.

At Mudita School, we believe that education is the single powerful intervention for transforming lives, and it can be achieved by providing children a safe and conducive environment to do best their life. We empower our children through creative and practical based education and promote globally shared values like compassion and honesty. Every child is the future change-makers of India, and we are proud to invest in their education. Thank you.