(Education Cannot Stop)


After a gap of two years, schools have reopened in India. Watching children go back to school, meet their friends, share lunch and play together has been a moment to rejoice. But this is just one side of the fence. The COVID-19 pandemic affected every child, but some suffered more than others, especially children from socio-economically weaker sections, tribal beda, remote rural areas and urban slums, became the worst sufferers. When the schools were shut, only about 28% children living in rural areas and urban slums had access to digital learning. Education came to a halt for lakhs of children, who had already been struggling in the pre-pandemic world. Mudita School, through its ‘Shiksha Na Ruke’ (Education Cannot Wait) initiative has been helping children from difficult circumstances get back to school and restart their lives positively, and with hope.

Learn Facts:

  1. The pandemic has put millions of people out of work, natural disaster such as flood leaving lakhs of people displaced, helpless, and trapped with unprecedented loss of lives and livelihoods, the domestic environment has suffered and children are deeply affected.
  2. In India, 5.3 percent of rural children aged 6-10 years did not enroll in school in 2020 (ASER 2020 Report), and now due to pandemic millions of children out of school.

About the campaign:

Access to education has always been a challenge for under-privileged children. However, due to the pandemic, as livelihoods were affected and many families were further pushed into extreme poverty, lesser-privileged children suffered the most. Economic vulnerability forced many children to compromise on their education and drop out of school to engage in menial labour. The impact of the pandemic has been deep and long lasting. While privileged children could go back to school, under-privileged children have been struggling to get their lives back to normal. Coping with the expenses of the new online mode of learning has also posed as a challenge for many. Therefore, to ensure education for all, our campaign ‘Shiksha Na Ruke’ aims not only at bringing drop out children back to school but also in enabling uninterrupted learning for children through access to resources needed for their education. So far we have provided education materials to 145 children in the remote villages, and our goal to help 1500 children. Despite all the odds, these young champions have not given up and continue to dream and work hard. With your support, we can fuel their dreams with accessible and quality education. If possible, please join our hands to put children from underprivileged families back to school. Thank you for your kind support in ensuring continued education for children

Support our cause will help us to

  1. Bringing drop-out children back to school
  2. Providing educational materials, stationary, and necessary support to underprivileged children
  3. Ensuring mental well-being of underprivileged children
  4. Regular meeting with parents to ensure the child’s attendance in school


Moving story when I met Shradha’s mother while working in the village:

Shraddha’s mother, she said to me “we are very poor, but poverty is no excuse for missing out on education. We have never been to school, but I believe only education will lead us from poverty to dignity. Further she said, I am very grateful to the people who are providing educational materials to my child for free. Nothing makes me more happy and proud than seeing her studying again like big people’s children.”
Shradha with her mother & brother

Story of Sanjivini’s mother:

Sanjivini belong to a low caste family, her mother said to me that “Nobody outside our community talks properly to Sanjivini. Sanjivini mostly does not understand this difference, but I do. I always assure her that these differences will not matter if she studies hard” She expressed her deepest gratitude for the educational support to her child. 
Sanjivini With her mother


For One Educational Kit for One Child. Our Goal is to support 1500 children.

Sr. No.


Per Item Cost


One Kit Cost


English Primer Book

30 x 1

1 Book



Single Line Book

30 x 4

4 Books



Four Line Book 

35 x 2

2 Books



Two Line Book

35 x 2

2 Books



Box Line Book

40 x 2

2 Books



Drawing Book

40 x 1

1 Book



Doms Wow Kit 

50 x 1

1 Kit



Plastic Pencil Box

30 x 1

1 Box



10 x 1

1 Pen



Jeera Biscuit

10 x 1

1 Packet 




20 x 1

4 or 6 Banana




(Your donations are eligible to exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961, PAN NO: AAJAM3517C | 80G NUMBERS: AAJAM3517CF20221)

Bank Details

Name of Bank: Bank of Maharashtra
Branch: Khaparde Bagicha, Amravati
Account Holder Name: Mudita Multipurpose Society
Account Number: 60343955501
IFSC Code: MAHB0000929
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Branch Code: 929
Bank address: Khaparde Bagicha (929), Ravindra Dole Bunglow, Near Amravati Railway Station, Amravati

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