Dear Applicant

We are happy about your interest in the Mudita School volunteer programme. Before you continue to the application process, please make sure that you have gone through our website and read about our activities.

Volunteering can be done in different ways:
  1. Become an Ambassador: Tell the world about Mudita School Work.
  2. Volunteering from home: You could help out with design, newsletters, translations, write-ups etc.
Basic requirements
  • You should be above 22 years age
  • Able to work with people who are poor and needy
  • Able to work in the remote villages in the Amravati district
  • Willing to adapt to new environment
  • Positive attitude and high motivation towards to bring the social change
  • High level of ownership, taking initiatives and self-management
If you meet the requirements you are welcome to fill up the form. Thank You